Black Out:

Black out systems are a great way to control the amount of light a plant receives during its photo period. This is an ideal way of controlling the number of hours of light a plant receives a day to promote or slow growth.


Shading is a very cost effective way of controlling greenhouse temperatures. Eliminating solar gain in smaller houses can help provide more manageable temperatures and be more energy efficient. In addition to the shade factor, most materials have a heat retention factor. As the sun begins to set, the shade system can be closed to trap heat gained from the day’s sunlight. By slowing the cooling of the house as it goes into night mode, less energy is used to heat the house.

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Lights are a very effective way of extending your day light hours. They can be used alone or in conjunction with a black out system to provide an exact number of light hours. They can also provide light when there is no outside light source available.

Lights are a great tool in any growing environment. They can speed up the plant production much faster than Mother Nature which means faster returns on your investment. 


We offer a large variety of control options, from single zone heating and cooling controls to multiple zone computer systems. Controlling temperature and humidity in the greenhouse is the most important aspect of any greenhouse design. Accurate temperatures guarantee optimum crop production and high yields.

Computer systems provide a wide range of temperature and humidity settings at different times of the day and night. Systems include the option of graphing the inside and outside temperatures during the day and night, as well as humidity, in order to track conditions throughout the season. This option can benefit the cannabis grower for increased crop production, slow growth, and increased bud production throughout the growing season.

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